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12 oyster half shells or ramekins 12 fresh oysters 12 medium shrimp 12 pieces of sliced smoked ham cut to fit over oysters 4 slices of bacon 1 cup chili sauce 1 tsp horse radish rock salt


To assemble the oysters lay out the cleaned oyster half shells or ramekins. Place one fresh oyster in each shell, then one tablespoon chili sauce, which has been mixed with horse radish, over each oyster. Butterfly the cleaned shrimp and lay over the oyster. Place a piece of ham over the shrimp. Cut the bacon into 12 pieces and top the ham with a piece of bacon. Take 3 oven proof dishes large enough for four oysters and fill with rock salt. Inbed 4 oysters in the salt on each plate. Put each plate under a broiler until bacon is rendered and shared. Remove plate and remove the pieces of bacon and discard and serve. If to much trouble just eat them raw.